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About me

My name is Jacek Pazera. I live in Sosnowiec – a medium-sized city in Poland.

I studied geology but computer programming is my real passion.

I wrote my first programs on ZX Spectrum and Atari 65 XE in the 80s. These computers had a built-in BASIC interpreter, so it was the first programming language I had to deal with. Currently, I mainly use the Delphi and Lazarus programming environments, in which the programming language is object-oriented Pascal. Sometimes I also use C, C ++, PHP, JavaScript and other programming languages.

If you want to give me information, an error detected in the program, a proposal for new functions, write to me at
But please remember that I get many emails every day and I can’t answer them all.

From my bike trips

About site

The first, very limited version of this site was established in September 2003. It was a static page written in pure HTML. Later I wrote my own CMS in PHP using the MySQL database server, which I used for about 16 years. I am currently using WordPress with the Customify theme.