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CudaText – LibreOffice Colibre toolbar icons


Original author of the Colibre icon theme: Andreas Kainz


  Icon theme is released under Creative Commons CC0
  You are free to adapt and use them for commercial purposes
  without attributing the original author or source. Although
  not required, a link back to LibreOffice is appreciated.

  For additional Information go to the Creative Commons webpage

More information:


  • Install the Config Toolbar plugin (if it is not installed): select menu Plugins –> Addon Manager –> Install.... Type plugin config toolbar, press Enter and confirm installation.
  • Download the ZIP file with icons, drop it on the CudaText main window and confirm installation.
  • Select menu Plugins –> Config Toolbar –> Choose icons of main toolbar...
  • Select one of the icon sets available on the list and press Enter.
  • You must restart program for the changes to take effect.




Colibre Icons repository