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How to convert Flash Video files (FLV) to MP3


A short article describing how to convert Flash video files (FLV) audio files to MP3 with the Free FLV to MP3 Converter. This program is completely free, also for commercial use, and you can download it here.

Flash video – FLV

FLV (Flash Video) is a multimedia container format commonly used on the Internet to deliver video content on websites. Flash Video files usually have the extension .flv or .f4v.

To properly play FLV videos in a web browser, you must install a special plug-in: Adobe Flash Player. This plugin, like FLV format was developed by Macromedia, which in 2005 was acquired by Adobe Systems.

FLV format has quickly gained a great popularity, mainly due to delivering videos in this format by Internet video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, Reuters and many others.

To encode video streams in FLV files are used codecs: SorensonVP6 and H.264. The most commonly used audio codecs are MP3 and AAC.
FLV files can be played using some software players (eg. VLC, MPlayer). Unfortunately, most portable players and almost all fixed players do not support FLV format.

More information on FLV format can be found at Wikipedia.

Conversion FLV to MP3 using Free FLV to MP3 Converter